All Saints Educational Trust Awards Board

Individual Awards - Criteria for selection


ASET assets come from the sale of two former Teacher Training Colleges, St Katharine's and Berridge House, which together formed the College of All Saints at Tottenham. The college was closed upon merger with Middlesex Polytechnic (later University) in 1978.

The Trust is based broadly on the object of the College of All Saints which had been to train teachers within a Christian Foundation.

Main Purposes of the Trust Awards

  1. To increase the numbers of teachers with QTS in Religious Education and Home Economics / Food Technology and primary teachers with a specialist focus in these areas.
  2. To improve the skills and qualifications of experienced teachers in Religious Education and Home Economics at all levels of education.
  3. To support specifically the teaching of Religious Education and Home Economics and related areas - including the promotion of public health and nutrition, both home and overseas.

Summary of key factors influencing selection

  1. Appropriate course - basic teaching qualifications or those to improve teaching skills - PGCE, PGDE, BEd, BA with QTS, those where further qualification will further spread the benefits of specialist knowledge - MA, MEd, MSc - very occasionally PhD if related to teacher education, but for one year only.
  2. Clear demonstration of link to education and RE or Home Economics.
  3. Dieticians who work in schools or clinics - excluding NHS - who are promoting food and health education may be considered.
  4. Higher Education lecturers who will train teachers in RE or Home Economics or develop the Christian contribution to education.

Applications not usually accepted

  1. Those outside the relevant subject areas - though specialist or technical qualifications for special needs occasionally considered for those in the formal education system.
  2. Those involved with counselling or youth work, unless specifically in school system.
  3. Training of Ministers for the Church.

Barbara Harvey June 2015