The Trust wishes to stimulate and support imaginative new projects that will enhance the Church's contribution to education, in accordance with our charitable Scheme.

The Trustees are keen to identify and support pro-active projects that promote the development of education, particularly in the areas of Religious Education, Home Economics and related areas or subjects, and Multi-cultural/Inter-faith Education.

Priority is given to projects in our core disciplines - especially pump-priming projects - whereby teachers are helped directly or indirectly.

Projects most favoured are those that have the potential to result in lasting benefit, either through the intrinsic quality of the new ideas being put forward, or through the quantity of teachers and/or pupils who will share in the benefit.

Larger corporate applications will be scrutinised carefully to ensure that they are sustainable and give value for money.

Grants will not normally be made for a period in excess of five years. It is not usual for the Trust to be seen to directly fund salaries.

Our most distinctive and long-term Corporate Award is the All Saints Saxton Fellowship.

Please note that the Trust will NOT support:
  • general or core funds of any organisation
  • public appeals
  • school buildings, equipment or supplies (except library resources)
  • the establishment of new departments in universities and colleges
  • general bursary funds of other organisations.

Some examples of recent Corporate awards
  • National Association of Teachers in Home Economics
    £30,000 for the production of innovative learning resources
  • REonline website
    £67,000 over five years to meet the ongoing development costs
  • British Nutrition Foundation
    £40,000 to develop an online health assessment tool
  • Design and Technology Association
    £20,000 for a CPD Training Programme for Home Ec(Textiles) and D&T(Textiles) teachers
  • Bible Reading Fellowship
    £60,000 over three years for the 'Barnabas Children's Ministry'. Resources for professionals in the BRF conveying the essentials of Christianity to children aged 5-11
  • RSA 'Focus on Food' campaign
    £55,000 to produce one edition and a supplement of a high quality magazine 'Cook School'
  • 'Christianity and Culture' (University of York, and St John's College, Nottingham)
    £25,000 towards the development costs of two high quality cd-roms: 'Pilgrims and Pilgrimage' and 'The Story of the Church'
  • Sheffield Hallam University
    £86,000 over two years towards the costs of a study into the treatment of long-term obesity
  • Southwark Cathedral Education Centre
    £15,000 over two years for a project to develop a framework for structured partnership between Cathedral Education Centres nationwide
  • National Society for Promoting Religious Eduction
    £25,000 per annum for four years

Also smaller grants to projects in Asuncion (Paraguay), Exeter, Romford, Rwanda, Sheffield, Southwell, Tottenham, Wulugu (Ghana), the Scripture Union, the Christian Education Movement and the Soil Association.


Those interested in applying for a Corporate Grant are invited to discuss their ideas informally with the Clerk, before completing a Corporate Application Form.

In some cases, it may be appropriate to identify a Link Trustee who can assist those who are preparing an application for a Corporate Award and can then subsequently act in a liaison role throughout the period of the Award.

Corporate applications are put before the Awards Committee in April or May. Final decisions can only be made by the full Trust which meets in June.

The form is available on this web site. Download the form, choosing one of the following formats:
MS Word (.doc)
Open Office (.odt)
Edit the document, and email it to us,

Alternatively, print out and use the printed version (.pdf).

The closing date for receipt of fully completed Corporate Award applications for 2018-2019 is:

Friday 2nd March 2018.