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Case Studies - Successful Awards (Individual)

Jack Leeson, Primary Teacher With Action Research In Religious Education

All Saints Educational Trust (ASET) has been tremendously generous to me over the years and I would strongly recommend anyone to discern making an application for studies and research that supports their goals of promoting better teaching and learning.

The Board have provided me with the great gift of a high-quality postgraduate education; studies which have given me the skills to develop and progress in my teaching career to help improve the learning of my children.

Whilst working as a Teaching Assistant following University, thanks to ASET, it was possible for me to undertake an MEd in Inclusive Education at the University of Glasgow, which set me off to the best possible start in my later Initial Teacher Training. Here, I was able to finish with ‘Outstanding’ and secure a position with my placement Academy Trust.

Now, as a Primary School teacher, I am conducting action research – on a programme at St Mary’s University – into textual hermeneutics in Religious Education and the potential power of an integrated humanities curriculum – again, none of this would have been possible without the generosity of ASET and their constant support throughout the years. Not least when I have made some life transitions by getting married and having two children! ASET has been nothing short of a God-send for me and my family.

Louise T Davies, Home Economics Teacher With ASET Funding In Final Year

Louise T Davies studied at Roehampton University, training to be a Home Economics teacher. With ASET support she was able to complete her B.Ed Honours year. The Honours award meant she was able to complete further studies later in her teaching career. She gained a Masters degree and achieved teacher training posts within the university sector. This led to a successful career in teacher training across several universities.

Michelle Bell, Home Economics teacher training at Strathclyde University 2023

ASET has generously funded my journey through a BSc in Education and Curricular Studies with a Teaching Qualification (TQ) degree, which prepared me to step into the role of a Home Economics teacher. Their support was instrumental in helping me manage my workload, as they allowed me to reduce my working hours and focus more on my studies and placements. This adjustment enabled me to achieve a Second Class Upper Honours degree, marking a significant milestone in my academic journey.

Now, as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT), I’ve settled into a fantastic probation year where I continue to grow, learn and prepare for my future as a HE teacher. The assistance provided by ASET has been crucial in shaping my path to becoming a successful educator. Their support not only helped me academically but also instilled in me a deeper passion for teaching.

I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity that ASET has provided me. Their investment in my education has laid a strong foundation for my teaching career, and I am excited to continue making a positive impact in the lives of my students.