Individual Awards For UK Trainee And Practising RE/HE Teachers

Individual awards to UK trainee and practising Religious Education and Home Economics (including Food and Textiles) subject teachers support teacher education and help teachers improve their expertise through professional development.
In short, to help people become teachers, and better teachers and to encourage them to stay in the profession.

All Saints Educational Trust

Awards for trainee and practising RE/HE teachers


UK Applicants

We support:

• Trainee teachers proposing to study and teach Religious Education or Home Economics (including food and textiles) education or equivalent.
• Trainee teacher applications must lead to qualified teacher status, certification or equivalent qualification from a UK higher education institution or similar accrediting authority.
• Practising teacher applications must focus on continuing professional development, or postgraduate research that improves teaching and is supervised by a UK higher education institution or similar accrediting authority.

We do NOT support:

• Undergraduate or postgraduate courses in subjects other than RE and Home Economics (including food and textiles) education
• Courses in social work or youth work
• Training of ministers for a church or religious organisation.

Overseas Individual Awards:

We are NOT offering individual awards to overseas applicants in 2024.
We are reviewing this area of our Awards for the future.
We do support UK Programme Awards which work with teacher training and education for RE or HE overseas.


Please Note

Applicants are expected to apply for Government Bursaries and Grants to support their studies where available.

All Saints Awards are a top up for additional expenditure or fees where courses are not grant funded.
Trainee and practising teachers must need the Trust’s help: Awards are not made where study could be funded from personal means or from available public funding i.e. grants and bursaries.

As a charity we expect all Awards to contribute to the public benefit through supporting the teaching profession.

Are You Eligible To Apply For An Individual Award?