Our Background - The History Of The Trust

All Saints Educational Trust was formed from the sale proceeds of two former teacher training colleges in what is now north London: St Katharine's College at Tottenham (founded 1878) and Berridge House at Hampstead (founded 1893). These united in 1964 to form the College of All Saints, Tottenham, which closed on merger with Middlesex Polytechnic in 1978.

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Our History

The Trust is broadly based on the object of the College of All Saints, which had been to train teachers within a Christian foundation. Whilst St Katharine's College had been concerned mainly with general teaching, Berridge House had been established primarily to train teachers of Domestic Science (now known as Home Economics). The Trust seeks to carry on the work of the predecessor Colleges by awarding scholarships to current or potential students who intend to teach, or to develop an existing career as a teacher, and by making corporate grants to build up the teaching profession.