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Case Studies - Successful Programmes

2022-24 - The Creation Of A Teaching Primary Food And Nutrition (TPFN) Programme

In 2022-24 The British Nutrition Foundation, with support from the All Saints Educational Trust, created Teaching Primary Food and Nutrition (TPFN), a professional development programme for primary teachers, trainees and teaching assistants across the UK.

It provides teachers and support staff with the necessary knowledge and skills required for teaching high quality food and nutrition lessons, and to inspire them to champion a whole school approach towards food. This two-year Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme, TPFN is free for primary schools educating pupils in food and nutrition across the UK.

Whether the participants are new teachers or have prior experience, TPFN builds and strengthens their confidence and competence in teaching food and nutrition to their pupils. It formally supports their professional learning around teaching in the classroom and supports a whole school approach. Teaching food and nutrition has some unique management issues and the programme offers support with teaching approaches, for example, managing and teaching practical cooking classes in primary schools.

Become A Great Textiles Teacher (BAGTT) Programme 2022-24

All Saint Educational Trust awarded the Textiles Skills Centre a grant to run the 1 year programme supporting teachers, technicians and trainees to Become A Great Textiles Teacher (BAGTT) with our grant being matched by Textiles Skills Centre.

It is aimed at ECT/NQT/trainee teacher; a non-specialist teacher or transferring courses and in need of textiles skills training; technicians working in textiles classrooms to give them the support they need. 50 teachers are supported on this programme, each participant receives targeted mentorship and CPD training, delivered by experienced Art & Design/D&T textiles teachers and leaders.

The support will include:

  • Face-to-Face textiles skills workshops
  • Live Online Curriculum Planning day
  • Online On-Demand courses
    – Textiles Skills Course
    – Sustainability & Climate Change in Textiles Education course
  • Online Live 1 hour Sessions on:
    – Positive Wellbeing session
    – Health & Safety session
    -Resource Wisely short course
  • F2F Local Networking Events: ‘Meet ‘N Share’ – Assessment & Moderation Strategies
  • Mentorship programme
  • Online Networking Platform’
  • F2F Local Networking Events: ‘Meet ‘N Share’ – Assessment & Moderation Strategies
  • Mentorship programme
  • Online Networking Platform

Wulugu Project: Vocational Training courses for girls in schools in Northern Ghana

For many years the All Saints Educational Trust has provided financial help to the Wulugu Project to support Vocational Training courses for girls in schools in Northern Ghana. The schools provide relevant practical experience particularly in catering, tailoring, weaving and in batique lessons  and ASET’s funding has helped to provide consumable materials for this work. The girls try to enhance their income by selling some of the products they produce but this is an insecure pathway.

The Swala Vocational School is not far from the border with Cote D’Ivoire but it has achieved miracles in terms of the number of girls that have returned from slavery into vastly improved life chances. The schools provide an alternative from menial jobs such as cleaning and have reduced illiteracy rates accordingly. ASET has also provided essential assistance to the Savelugu Vocational school. In supplying the school with the necessary tools and equipment to function effectively, this has helped to reduce migration to the urban centers, which characterized the municipality in the past as it has created job opportunities for the youth of Savelugu and beyond.

“We are immensely grateful to ASET for all the help the charity has provided over several years and express our heartfelt appreciation, which has benefitted particular communities and the nation at large”.

Teacher Training Scholarships for Women in South Sudan

Windle Trust International’s Female Teacher Training Scholarship Programme was funded partly by All Saints Educational Trust (ASET) with a grant award in 2021. South Sudan suffers from a great range of problems in its education system, but two of the biggest issues are the overall lack of trained teachers, and specifically the lack of female teachers. This programme aims to address these challenges through the training of a cohort of dedicated female teachers that, upon completion, will return to their communities and become not just teachers, but much needed role models for girls in South Sudan.

Launched in early 2022 with 22 participants, the programme involves two institutions: St. Mary’s University College in Juba and the Solidarity Teacher Training College in Yambio. At St. Mary’s, 16 students are enrolled in a three-year Diploma in Primary Education, preparing them to teach in upper primary schools. Meanwhile, 6 students at Solidarity Teacher Training College are pursuing a two-year Grade III Certificate in Primary Education, aimed at qualifying them to teach in lower primary. The scholarship covers tuition, stationery, accommodation, and daily necessities, ensuring comprehensive support for these aspiring educators.

Windle Trust International provides comprehensive support for the participants of the Female Teacher Training Scholarship Programme, including tuition fees, stationery, accommodation, and daily necessities. The program also involves regular monitoring and additional training sessions to enhance the participants’ educational experience. These sessions include vital training on safeguarding, aiming to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all involved. Additionally, the program has provided laptops to the participants, equipping them with essential tools for their education and future teaching careers.

The Female Teacher Training Scholarship Programme is significantly impacting education in South Sudan. By providing tailored training and support to female educators, this initiative is directly contributing to the enhancement of educational quality and standards in the region. These efforts are not only empowering the individual participants but also fostering a more gender-inclusive and diverse educational environment. The long-term effects of this programme promise to extend well beyond the classroom, influencing broader societal progress and nurturing future generations.

“We are immensely grateful to ASET for all the support the charity has provided over several years which has benefited not only individuals and their communities but also regional and national communities. ASET with its support is giving hope, changing lives, and transforming communities and nations. I express our heartfelt appreciation to the Trustees for partnering with us”. David Masua, CEO Windle Trust International