The Trustees

The trustees are the individuals who make decisions on behalf of the charity. Trustees are volunteers and aren’t paid for their role, but take great pride in supporting causes they care about in supporting RE and HE education. Trustees work collectively as a board and take decisions at formal board meetings.

ASET team cropped

Our Trustees

Ms L T Davies, BEd (Hons), MA, FRSA
Mrs Karen J Fuller B.Ed (Hons)
Mrs B. E. Harvey, MSc, B Ed, FICS
Ms Bren Hellier B.Ed (Hons) B.T.E.C
Mr D C Holloway, BEd (Hons)
Mr M C Jacob, BSc, MA, Cert Immunol, PGCE, NPQH
Professor A R Leeds, MB BS, MSc, CBiol, FRSBiol.
Ms D McCrea, MBE, BEd, MSc, MICS, FRSH
Mr A Midgley, BA (Hons), FCA
Mrs R Parkinson BSc (Hons), PGCE
Mr Sam Richardson MA (Cantab)
Mr B Siaw BA (Hons), HND, PGCE, NPQH
Mr David T M Wilson, LLB, FRSA, FRGS, FRAS

Clerk to the Trust: Mr K D Mitchell, BA, Solicitor